Each and every parent whose children are going to appear for the Std. 11th & 12th ICSE Board exams in the near future have their share of apprehensions and tense moments over the overall score as well as percentages in individual subjects their child will score.

The Std. 11th & 12th ICSE Course at Star Classes is one of their well performing courses. Star Classes has developed this ICSE Course with meticulously and insights enabling the child to lay their hands on exam oriented study material and grasp the nuances of the subject in the simplest way possible.

For your child, Std. 11th & 12th ICSE year is a crucial and defining period from where he or she will take the next step forward which will shape their future career. At Star’s, we have a developed a study schedule and a special test schedule for Maths, Physics & Biology. Star Classes will provide a complete set of notes, guides and papers sets with solutions of Std. 11th & 12th ICSE Course.

ICSE Tests

The tests to be conducted during the course will be as follows:

  • Daily Class Tests (DCT).
  • Tutorials.
  • 64 Chapter wise Tests in MPCB.
  • 8 Periodic Tests in ESS.
  • 20 Final Tests in MPCB.
  • 16 Final Tests in ESS.

Salient Features

  • The true aim of all stars Tests is to find out how much you don’t know, not only how much you know.
  • A well-prepared test will test your knowledge and at the same time clear your concepts.
  • Solving all these systematically pre-planned tests will help you in understanding & improving your weak areas.

ICSE Systems

The systems during the course as follows:

  • Strict Attendance Monitoring.
  • Portion Completed On Time. Every Time.
  • Special Difficulty Solving Lectures.
  • Estudentcafe Monitoring System.
  • Paper Discussion Sessions.
  • Lots Of Revision

Salient Features

  • Lectures and tests are held as per a pre-planned schedule, so student can prepare themselves well in advance and have more time for self-study.
  • Each Star centre has well furnished classrooms and is equipped with technological features such as Swipe Card attendance machines with automatic absentee SMS.
  • Attendance, marks in Star’s Tests, Tutorials and general performance is monitored and a report is sent to the parents every single month.

ICSE Course Fees

There are many Course Combinations available for CBSE Coaching. For detailed fee structure for these combinations, Kindly visit your nearest Stars Centre

ICSE How to Apply

Eligibility: Owing to the high demand for Star Courses, we can offer admission only to the most deserving students every year. The specific eligibility criteria for admission varies for ICSE, CBSE, SSC, HSC CET courses. Students may get the eligibility details from the branch manager at their nearest Stars Centre.

Admission: Admissions usually get full a few months in advance before the start of the course. Students and parents are advised to apply for admission early. Admission can be confirmed by paying the first installment of the Course Fee. Process: 1) Fill the Application Form. 2) Attach 2 recent passport size photographs and a certified photocopy of your marksheet. 3) Submit the completed form with student and parent signatures and collect the receipt from the reception.

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